Sociocultural em Rede

The platform Sociocultural em Rede (Sociocultural in Network) idealized by Casa Redonda Cultural came from a collaborative learning methodology for cultural, creative and sustainable entrepreneurship. Besides the portal for sharing content, free educational encounters were held in many cities in the state of Sao Paulo.

The Guide for Sociocultural Entrepreneurs was launched in the platform. It contains a string of reflections and guidelines for sustainable sociocultural management and it addresses every step of a cultural initiative – draft, planning, execution, follow up, dissemination and feasibility.


Created by: Minom Pinho e André Martinez
Executive Producers: Jasmin Pinho e Amanda Ferreira Gomes
Content Coordinator: Amanda Ferreira Gomes
Production: Amanda Ferreira Gomes e Carolina Trevisan
Texts: André Martinez, Jasmin Pinho, Minom Pinho e Vanessa Gabriel
Videos: Aion de Britto Pinho
Proofreading: Maria Luiza Xavier Souto
Visual programming: JT Zochi
Blog Editorial: André Martinez


The methodology proposed by the Sociocultural em Rede platform is supported by interdisciplinary research conducted and systemized by Minom Pinho and André Martinez.

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