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NETLABTV is a NET and Casa Redonda initiative created to support and strengthens the audiovisual value chain in Brazil, considering the challenges of the new Cable TV Law. Focusing on creators, screenwriters, writers and playwrights throughout Brazil, NETLABTV proposes a contest to identify and award new ideas for Brazilian TV series in the fiction and non-fiction categories. Eight series are awarded every edition as a way to mobilize creators in the five corners of Brazil.

In the two editions held, NETLABTV became consolidated as an important platform for development in the audiovisual industry by improving Brazilian TV series scripts, unveiling new creation/screenwriting talents and creating new business opportunities with independent producers, distributors and cable TV channels. The NETLABTV platform conducts workshops, seminars and master classes with prominent international names. CSI creator Liz Devine, ER show runner David Zabel and Dan Attias, who directed series such as The Sopranos and Lost, have all participated as keynotes on previous NETLABTV editions. Articles, news, interviews, videos and tips aimed at the market of TV content comprise the platform.


Check out the official website: netlabtv.com.br

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Sponsored by: NET Serviços

Produced by: Casa Redonda Cultural
Co-produced by: SIAESP – Sindicato da Indústria Audiovisual de São Paulo
Executive Producers: Jasmin Pinho and Minom Pinho
Conception of the plataform: Philippe Barcinski, Jasmin Pinho and Minom Pinho
Chair of Committees: Philippe Barcinski and Jasmin Pinho
Coordinator of Production: Amanda Ferreira Gomes
Production: Carolina Trevisan
Production Assistant: Vinícius Lopes
Accountant: Neide Bispo
Legal Counsel: Cesnik, Quintino e Salinas Advogados
Visual Programming: JT Farma Comunicação
Editorial: Casa Redonda Cultural and Casa 8
System Programming: Edinho Almeida and JT Farma
Proofreading: Mirian Paglia Costa
Teaser, animations and vignettes: Renata Rico (Direction) e Estúdio Paralelo (Production)
Videos creations: Jasmin Pinho
Camera and Editing: Gustavo Almeida and Rachel Viana

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