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Sonora Rio Bahia



The documentary Sonora Rio Bahia goes from Ilê to Jongo da Serrinha and from Porto da Barra to Quadra do Salgueiro to the sound of the voice and instruments of four youths: rapper Tina Bee, singer Aisha Araujo, percussionist and jongo dancer Suellen Tavares and pianist Maíra Freitas. As the story unfolds, each artist reveals their perspective on how the Brazilian youth can become enthralled with rhythmic traditions in the culture from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador.

One of the film’s main topics is social inclusion. We see how Brazilian talents are touched by music and how they multiply their artistic know-how in the communities where they perform. The documentary was produced in a partnership with singer Daniela Mercury.

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Directed by: Jasmin Pinho
Plot: Daniela Mercury, Minom Pinho
Executive Producers: Daniela Mercury, Minom Pinho, Marcelo Dantas
Screenplay: Jasmin Pinho, Hana Vaisman
Research and Music Director: Betão Aguiar
Production Director: Flavio Dutra, Renata Grynszpan
Production Assistants: Amanda Ferreira Gomes, Renata Moura
Cinematography: Rodrigo Menck
Camera Operator: Rodrigo Menck, Jasmin Pinho
Editing: Hana Vaisman
Music: Betão aguiar
Sound Recording: Bruno Fernandes
Sound Editing nd Mixing: Otavio Carvalho
Graphic Design: Julio Dui
Post Production Supervisor: Aion Britto
Post Production: Thiago Arakilian – Titanio
Legal Counsel: Senna Mariano Advogados, Sanches Advogados Associados
Communication Consultancy: Fabiana Crato
Associate Producers: Páginas do Mar and Canto da Cidade

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